Energy concepts

In the public debate on the energy transition, the electricity sector is usually the focus. However, this ignores the great importance of heat supply. More than half of the energy requirement is required in the form of heat. And heat supply also plays a greater role than the electricity sector in the energy costs for consumers. The share of renewable energies in the heating sector is still very low.

We are therefore focusing in particular on heat supply in municipalities. The reduction of heat demand and the conversion of the heat supply to renewable energies are among the greatest challenges of the energy transition. This also means the expansion and conversion of heating networks. They can not only efficiently distribute the heat from cogeneration, but also serve as storage and distribution systems for regenerative heat generated, for example, by solar or geothermal energy.An example of a sustainable option for heat supply is the use of large-scale solar energy. The feeding of solar heat from large-area systems into local and district heating networks offers many advantages over the individual decentralised systems commonly used today. The heat generation costs can be significantly reduced compared to individual systems and with large central heat storage units, the solar heat can also be stored over longer periods of time.

We advise on the creation and implementation of energy concepts in every project phase - from potential analysis to commissioning. We take into account technical, economic and legal aspects and do not lose sight of the communicative side. This also applies to discussions in local political bodies. Well-structured citizen participation is essential for local acceptance and at best also includes financial participation in the investment.

We offer comprehensive consulting in the field of energy concepts:

  • Climate protection concepts, partial climate protection conceptsQuarter concepts, energetic urban redevelopment
  • Municipal heating strategies
  • Energetic urban development planning
  • Solar local and district heating
  • Communication concepts, citizen participation


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