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For many utilities, the energy transition means a restructuring of their value chains. There will be many new business models, especially in the end consumer business. At the same time, the existing ones must be continued.

Both, technical developments - such as the increasing number of generation units in private and commercial environments or the spread of storage facilities - and new legal frameworks such as the EU directives make it necessary to develop new service products for customers. This transformation process also includes the indisputable fact that efficiency services and own consumption solutions will reduce utility sales to electricity and gas. The good news: customers, especially prosumers, will appreciate service and convenience in the future and be willing to pay for it.

The principles of feed-in priority and guaranteed remuneration are gradually reaching their limits: If renewables play a leading role in the energy system, it is not enough to "integrate" them into the existing system - which will ultimately have to be completely transformed. We advise market players - investors as well as utilities and customers - in this uncertain decision-making situation in the development of marketing strategies.

Companies in the district heating sector must also develop sustainable strategies in the long term in order to integrate an increasing number of renewable energies into their generation portfolio while at the same time maintaining their competitiveness in comparison with object-related heat supply.

We offer management consulting on the topics:

  • Development of business models and products
  • Marketing and procurement strategies for electricity and heat from renewable energies
  • Risk assessment, due diligence
  • business strategies
  • market studies
  • strategic processes


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