Alina Thiele

Alina Thiele

+49 (0)40 39 10 69 89-0

M.Sc. Interdisciplinary Public and Nonprofit Studies
GHG balancing | Climate strategies


  • GHG accounting (CCF, PCF)
  • Climate protection strategies for companies
  • Data management
  • CDP reporting
  • Climate targets according to SBTi

Alina Thiele is a consultant in the field of climate neutrality at Hamburg Institut. In particular, she advises corporate clients who want to minimise their greenhouse gas (GHG) footprint and/or become climate neutral. Alina Thiele analyses the GHG emissions of entire companies (Corporate Carbon Footprint, CCF) as well as individual products (Product Carbon Footprint, PCF) and develops appropriate climate protection strategies to reduce them. For some industrial clients, she also handles the corresponding data management for their national and international sites. Furthermore, she specialises in CDP reporting.

Professional experience & qualification

Prior to her permanent position in 2021, Alina Thiele worked as a student trainee at Hamburg Institut. She also gained consulting experience at the initiative “180 degree consulting”, where she worked on a method for CO2 balancing, and in the project “Norddeutsche Energiewende 4.0”, which she supported as a research assistant in the field of acceptance research and promotion.