More than 25 bright minds in the interdisciplinary team

Motivation, curiosity and enthusiasm – the sources from which our team draws its energy are climate-neutral, emission-free and renewable every day. Hamburg Institut thrives on the spirit that working here is more than just a job. We want to make a visible difference with our special skills and personalities. The feedback from our clients confirms that we are on the right track. With the diverse and in some cases highly specialised competences in our ranks, we have long since ceased to be an insider tip in certain specialist areas – including heat storage, large-scale heat pumps and certificates of origin – and are now a preferred contact throughout the industry.

Hamburg Institut consists of two companies: Non-profit HIR Hamburg Institut Research gGmbH concentrates on research projects, while HIC Hamburg Institut Consulting GmbH focuses on the consulting business.

The profiles of our entire team can be found on the German version of our website


Marcel Hanakam
Managing Director

"The energy and heat transition needs deep research and innovative concepts combined with a consistent transition to practical implementation."

Philipp Lieberodt
General Manager

"In the future, I want to be able to tell my children: We recognized the climate crisis as an opportunity and took decisive action to enable a sustainable future worth living in."


Ulrike Jeschka
Management Assistant

"Some are waiting for something to change, others are tackeling it and acting. We are the others."