Dr. Matthias Sandrock

Dr. Matthias Sandrock

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Managing Director

The chemist with a doctorate and co-founder of Hamburg Institut has his consulting focus in the area of municipal heating strategies and the integration of renewable energies into the heating market. Matthias Sandrock is one of the most accomplished experts on the heat transition and can now look back on almost 40 years of professional experience in the energy sector.

Matthias Sandrock has already prepared numerous expert reports and concepts for public and private clients for Hamburg Institut, with a focus on the heating sector. In recent years, he has been intensively involved in research and consulting projects on the integration of renewable energies and waste heat in district heating supply and the necessary further development of energy policy instruments.

Through his 25 years of work in the state administration of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, he is very familiar with the requirements of energy policy issues. There, as head of department, he was responsible for renewable energies, energy-efficient buildings and new energy technologies and managed the state initiative “Work and Climate Protection” with more than 60 organisations. He was also significantly involved in energy industry issues such as the remunicipalisation of energy grids, the establishment of a new municipal energy company and the development of spatial heating concepts.

His consulting expertise:

  • Experienced expert for the heat transition
  • Energy policy instruments and regulation
  • Advice to management and ministries on energy and climate protection strategies
  • Local and district heating systems
  • Renewable energies and waste heat