Dr. Sönke Häseler

Dr. Sönke Häseler

+49 (0)40 39 10 69 89-0

Doctorate in Economics and Social Sciences | M.A. Financial Economics
Energy markets | Energy policy


  • GHG accounting (Corporate Carbon Footprint, CCF)
  • Climate accounting of recycled materials
  • German and European green electricity market
  • Energy policy, regulation

Dr. Sönke Häseler is a freelancer and has been working at Hamburg Institut since 2012, particularly in the area of corporate climate accounting. The economist also deals with the question of a new electricity market design and analyses the German and European green electricity market. He is particularly interested in the relationship between the state, companies and citizens, which he examines from the perspective of the economic analysis of law.

Professional experience & qualification

After studying economics at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland and working as a student at the wind turbine manufacturer REpower UK Ltd. in Edinburgh, he took up the position of research assistant and doctoral student at Hamburg Institut for Law and Economics. He later conducted post-doctoral research on electricity market design and flexibility at the University of Hamburg and the SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences.