Karina Queisser

Karina Queisser

Karina Queisser

+49 (0)40 39 10 69 89-65

M.Sc. Food Science
Senior Consultant
Verification systems | Certification | Green electricity


  • Verification systems for renewable energies
  • Green electricity
  • Certification

Karina Queisser is a senior consultant and project manager at Hamburg Institut, specialising in the areas of verification systems, certification and green electricity. As part of various research and consultancy projects, she is working on the foundations for Guarantees of Origin (HKN) systems for renewable gases as well as renewable heating and cooling. She is also leading a market analysis on the subject of green electricity.

Professional experience & qualification

Before joining Hamburg Institut, the food technologist worked for four years as an audit manager at Carl Kühne KG (GmbH & Co.), where she was deputy head of central quality management. She also wrote her Master’s thesis there and worked as a student trainee for a further two years. Between her Bachelor’s degree in Food Technology and her Master’s degree in Food Science, Karina Queisser also worked in process technology as well as in quality assurance and food law at another food manufacturer.