Justus Börms

Justus Börms

+49 (0)40 39 10 69 89-41

M.Sc. Sustainable Energy Systems in Mechanical Engineering
Heat planning | Transformation plans |
Municipal climate protection


  • Heat planning
  • Transformation plans and feasibility studies
  • Municipal climate protection scenarios
  • Geoinformation systems

Justus Börms particularly works in the areas of heat planning and municipal climate protection. He carries out project-specific work for our customers and clients and creates scenarios for their climate strategies. The engineer also creates transformation plans and works with geographic information systems (GIS).

Professional experience & qualification

Justus Börms completed his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and went on to study sustainable energy systems in mechanical engineering for his master’s degree. At the same time, he gained a lot of practical experience as a research assistant, working student and intern at various companies and institutions. At the Competence Centre for Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency in Hamburg, for example, he worked on a sub-project of the IW3 real-world laboratory funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics in the area of heat demand forecasts. Hamburg Institut is also part of the consortium of the IW3 project and, in this context, has set up the first register of guarantees of origin for renewable heat in Germany.