Dr. Nikolai Strodel

Dr. Nikolai Strodel

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Senior Consultant
Integrated energy systems | Heat concepts | Large-scale heat storage

Dr. Nikolai Strodel’s consulting focus at Hamburg Institut is on sustainable heat concepts with a focus on the integration of renewable energies and large-scale heating storage. The engineer, who holds a doctorate, deals with innovative heat generation technologies and expert opinions on strategic heat supply in various projects, which he often leads himself. The simulation models developed are adapted for specific applications and used to evaluate sustainable local and district heating systems with high renewable generation shares.

Before joining Hamburg Institut, Dr. Nikolai Strodel worked for several years as a research assistant developing complex models for mapping thermal energy systems. The basic models were further developed in cooperation with engineering firms, energy suppliers and municipal utilities. During his two-year employment at the Chair of Financing and Finance in Lüneburg, he was able to deepen his business and economic expertise in the field of financing renewable energies. 

His consulting expertise:

  • Studies, advice and concepts for the heat transition
  • Integrated energy systems
  • Integration of renewable energies in the heating sector
  • Large heat pumps and large heat storage units
  • Economic efficiency of heat supply concepts